FUJILOVE MAGAZINE Vol. 95 - February 2024: Take Kayo - Fujifilm X Series: Why Camera Design Matters in 2024 / Nina Papiorek - 5 Tips for Shooting Minimalistic Frames in a Busy World / Emily Endean - The Magic of the Water / Eugen Kamenew - The Great Steppe, Solar Eclipse & Ancient Petroglyphs / FujiLove Community: From the Feed / FujiLove Interview with Lauren McVeigh / Ibarionex Perello - Rediscovering Simplicity / Rico Pfirstinger - Exposing Right: Part 1 / Piet van Den Eynde - The Tone Curve in Lightroom Classic: A Powerful Tool for Perfecting Your Photos / Bobbi Lane - How to Light a Zombie: Using Nanlites Creatively / Dylan Goldby - Should You Buy Third-Party Lenses? Thoughts from Years of Testing

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The Wall


Today’s photo comes from Poul-Werner Hartmann Dam from Denmark. Poul-Werner bought his first camera in 1965 and later same year his first enlarger and darkroom equipment. Although he took…