Firmware update 4.00 for Fujifilm X-T1

· 11.May.2015

All of you who got slightly nervous after Fujifilm rolled out their recent 3.10 firmware version for X-T1 can be relieved. The 4.00 is there! Fujifilm is calling it substantial and I must say it is doing it not without a reason. The firmware introduces a new AF system with upgraded autofocus performance as well as an array of other improvements that reflect feedback from users. The only “catch”: you will have to stay patient, as the download will be available only in “late June 2015”.

You have surely heard this saying: after upgrading the X-T1 to the version 4.00 of the firmware, it will feel like a new camera. Well, it seems it could actually be pretty true. Let’s have a look at the improvements:

1. New Autofocus System with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects

  • The AF System complements the fast and accurate 49-single-point autofocus system with new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, which use 77 autofocus points across a wider area to substantially improve the camera’s ability to capture moving subjects.
  • Improvement of AF accuracy
  • Eye Detection AF
  • Auto Macro Mode
  • AF improvement in the Movie mode

I must say, these AF improvements alone sound amazing. If everything will be working as promised… kudos to Fujifilm for offering us such a generous update.

2. Other improvements 

  • Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation
  • Exposure Compensation control in Manual.
  • Finer lines on the framing grid enhances visibility
  • Name of Silent mode changed to avoid confusion (it will be called “Sound & Flash Off” now)

Not bad at all!

If you want to dive into the details of Fujifilm’s press release follow this link. And below you can watch an official Fujifilm video presentation of all the new AF System possibilities: