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Tonality Pro first look & impressions

· 8.May.2015

During a discussion with the FujiLove editor, we both gave our opinions on what post editing software we like to use. Personally I use Adobe Lightroom 6 for everything, and have never found any other reason to try any other software as Lightroom covered everything that I needed in a working photographers capacity. The editor brought up Tonality Pro, and mentioned that it was great for black and white. Again I wasn’t so interested as I doubt I would ever move away from Lightroom plus I loved Fuji’s calibration black and white profiles. That was until he mentioned that it was also a plug in, that I could use it alongside Lightroom.

Following my curiosity, the Editor said that Macphun Software was keen for me to try Tonality and follow it up with either a writeup or a video, sharing my experiences. I am not paid by Macphun Software in anyway, so I was able to give a full unbiased opinion. This video covers my first use of the software. I had no idea how it worked, what adjustments it offered or even if it would work correctly. I installed the software, checked that it would open a .RAF file from the X-T1 then closed it down. So this video is somewhat like an unboxing, not knowing for sure if the product is going to meet any expectations or not.

Tonality Pro Screen Shot

Tonality Pro is designed exclusively for Mac users, which allows Macphun Software to fully concentrate on the user experience. You will see me get to grips with it, try and figure out what each adjustment does. I give my honest opinion throughout the video, with my likes and dislikes. As this is my first time ever using the software, I don’t feel I have enough experience with it to recommend it to any working professional. Over the next 6 weeks, I will be learning the software, what its limitations are, and how far I can push/pull process files, also as a plugin for Lightroom, which personally I believe this software will truly shine, using it in conjunction with Lightroom (I am yet to try this feature). Until I have a 100% understanding of Tonality Pro, I won’t be fully recommending it to any working professional.

As far as those wanting simple to use software, with 1 click features, or beginners/enthusiasts that have just started working with RAW, or just want simplicity in a powerful form, then YES! This software is for you. I was amazed at the 1 click features of this program, and how simple they were to use. It has a few features I wished Lightroom had, and it is very easy to learn. The layout and controls are very similar to Adobe products, without that “hey it has copied Adobe” feeling. It is very intuitive and I think that you would benefit from it immensely.

For professionals, I believe that this software will truly shine when used as a plugin alongside Lightroom, processing your black and white file after push/pull process in Lightroom. This currently is an assumption as I am yet to try this feature, but I will be covering it in full detail at a later date, once I am proficient with Tonality Pro.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful enough to base your purchasing decision on. Links to Tonality Pro will be at the end of this article, also in the video description, with an exclusive 10% off code.

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