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Cinematic Slices of Life With Fujifilm

· 17.May.2024

The Fujifilm X Series has completely changed the way I’ve documented the world through my eyes ever since my introduction to the brand 10 years ago. I’m here to show how my X100T and X-T2 have allowed me to creatively show cinematic slices of life of the people I’ve come across.

The art of conversation and photography has always been a major factor, which still drives my work to this day. In my early days starting off as a street photographer, I spent quite a bit of time walking with my camera, talking to people and hearing their stories. Every conversation usually ended with a portrait and I would go about my way with a deeper understanding of who they are. Here we are years later and although most of my work is commercial- and editorial-based these days, I still enjoy roaming the streets having the most beautiful encounters with people and being able to capture some phenomenal images with the few moments of their time they share with me.

Sometimes one of the biggest factors in photography is making sure your subject is comfortable. Most photographers will tell you that body language can be easily captured by our lenses but I’ve always noticed with my Fujis, one’s curiosity will actually allow their guard to drop down quite a bit, allowing for a beautiful portrait or, in some instances, a full-on impromptu portrait session.

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