FUJILOVE MAGAZINE Vol. 99 - June 2024: Take Kayo - Is the New Fujifilm X-T50 Worth It? / David Roberts - One Camera to Rule Them All: A Battle of Versatility Between the X100V & X-T5 / Miroslav Hlinka - Moments of Silence: Expedition to the Mystery of Czech Ossuaries / Bjorn Moerman - "Dubai Creek: Old & New" with the GFX 100S II / FujiLove Community: From the Feed / FujiLove Interview with Chloé Mignard / Ibarionex Perello - Photography: The Meditative Practice / Rico Pfirstinger - Exposing Right: Part 5 / Piet van Den Eynde - A First Look at the GFX 100S II / Bobbi Lane - Shutter Speed Choices for Mood when Balancing Light / Dylan Goldby - Manual Focus on Your Fujifilm X Series Camera