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Unlock your Creativity: 5 Underrated Features for Images Straight Out of Camera

· 23.March.2024

Fujifilm cameras are bursting with features that make it easier to be creative and to achieve great results straight-out-of-camera. However, many of these are not well-known and are, therefore, underutilised. I recommend five underrated features that users should add to their repertoire for regular use to get even more out of their Fujifilm cameras.

It is no secret that I love shooting with film simulation recipes to create straight-out-of-camera photographs.

Since I started shooting with recipes, I have focused on getting it right in camera and, thanks to this, have experienced a huge improvement in my photography. Apart from creating beautiful-looking JPEGs for my personal projects, I am reaping the benefits of faster turnaround times, especially for client work. This experience has convinced me that it is totally possible to eliminate an elaborate post-production process and has enabled me to offer a real-time solution for my corporate event clients, which is nothing short of a game-changer for me.

In addition to Fujifilm’s well-known colour science, other in-camera features make taking photographs immensely enjoyable. A few are underrated or often simply overlooked, so here are five of my go-to features – ones that have become invaluable to me and my creative process…

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