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X Summit = X100VI

· 11.March.2024

X Summit Tokyo 2024 has finally happened and it seems like it was just about one topic: the launch of the new X100VI. After a four-year wait, we finally have the latest X100 series camera. Since this is the longest interval between models, many of us were imagining and expecting some big changes. In addition, the camera has been difficult to get for the past two years, so the wait seemed even longer. Now that the X100VI is here, what are my thoughts about it? I think it’s a great camera. Technically, it’s the most advanced X100 model to date but does that make it the best overall camera?

To begin, this is the first time Fujifilm has applied a numerical pronunciation to this series, calling it the X100 ‘Six’ for the X100VI. Although it’s a bit boring, I guess the tenth-generation X100X will be an epic model number. However, the eighth-generation model name will be a bit long (X100VIII) but I’m sure they’ve thought about this already. I know this naming issue doesn’t change anything about the camera itself but it’s about the details, right? Let’s move on…

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