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5 Tips For Shooting Minimalistic Frames in a Busy World

· 12.February.2024

Minimalist photography is generally very popular. In the urban environment of a big city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the external conditions for implementing a minimalist idea are often rather difficult. In addition to an insight into how she works, Nina Papiorek gives you five quick tips to create a minimalistic approach.

From the beginning of my photography career around 20 years ago, I was fascinated by minimalistic photos. The ‘art of omission’ (working with few image elements) is an image structure that is often far removed from the conventional design rules found in textbooks. I am absolutely fascinated by the way minimalism can create a sense of emotion and harmony in photographs. Through their tidiness and reduction to the essentials, these images convey clarity and an indescribable elegance upon which my eye can linger and through which my soul can breathe.

Minimalist photography is generally very popular. This applies to all genres of photography, from still life to portraits to architecture. For example, the hashtag #minimalism currently leads to 28.4 million entries on Instagram.

When it comes to photography, the focus of every image is always to convey a clear message. If the image content is too complex, this can hinder or even block the message. As a scene becomes more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a successful composition. In addition, our gaze lingers on trivialities that contribute nothing to the image’s message and thus distract from the central element – the main motif.

In my opinion, minimalism is a rather difficult photographic discipline because our individual tastes are very different, so there is a fine line between capturing a simple photo that really speaks to you and a photo that just seems ‘boring’. A minimalist image is only successful if the viewer is captivated by the reduction.

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