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Right First Time? A Love Letter to the Original Trio of XF Lenses

· 11.April.2024

With Fujifilm ever expanding and reiterating the lens lineup with sharp, well-corrected lenses, I wonder if Fujifilm got it right the first time with the compact and pleasing trio.

As the spiritual successor of the Contax G, the X-Pro1, Fujifilm’s rangefinder for the mirrorless age, not only teased at a future lineage with its nomenclature but came with three astounding lenses that drew more than a little inspiration from the Contax G Zeiss lineup. Whilst the X-Pro1 shows its age as a first-generation mirrorless with a ‘strange’ X-Trans sensor, the same cannot be said for the lenses. With updates and better AF in newer bodies, where the X-Pro1 shows age, these lenses show vintage.

Before I can talk about Fujifilm’s offerings we must address the Zeiss-shaped elephant in the room. Developed by Kyocera, the Contax G was a Japanese invention in everything but name. The same goes for the Zeiss lenses, manufactured in Cosina’s Nakano factory. This is a tale of Japanese glass at its finest. Known for its 28mm Biogon, 45mm Planar and 90mm Sonnar, not only did it complete the set of wide, normal and short-tele but also showed off Zeiss’ best optical formulas. This clearly did not go unseen by Fujifilm.

Unfortunately, from here on out I will not be able to compare side by side, having sold my Contax G1 many years ago and iteratively upgrading my Fujifilm camera bodies. However, recently I have rounded out the original trio with the 60mm F2.4 and it has spurred me to write this love letter…

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