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To Fujifilm, With All Sincerity

· 17.January.2024

One camera and one lens. 12 national parks, 7500 miles driven.

Sea-run rainbow trout always return to the place of their birth no matter how far they roam. Growing up, I always loved to travel and see new places. Being from a small midwest town and experiencing life in the big cities or different places still sticks out among my fondest memories. I have kept this same curiosity to travel as I became a parent and have made a point to hit the road or jump on a plane whenever possible. It was not uncommon for us to take a multi-day car trip with a toddler in the backseat. This allowed our kids to grow up being seasoned travellers at a young age. I have always carried a camera with me and recently, have only carried one. This allows less fumbling with gear and more being in the moment.

In 2018, we took a trip to Europe and my only camera was the X-Pro2 and a 35mm lens.  After that trip, even after owning Fujis since the first X100 in 2010, I realised how capable these cameras are. Those photos have made prints, books and framed art pieces and continue to be some of my favourites throughout my years of photographing.

by Evan Schwanke

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