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· 12.March.2015

Today’s photo comes from Poul-Werner Hartmann Dam from Denmark. Poul-Werner bought his first camera in 1965 and later same year his first enlarger and darkroom equipment. Although he took a lot of black&white pictures at the time, he never got very proficient about his darkroom work. But it was fun. In 1982 he stopped taking pictures other than the usual family stuff. In 1999 he bought his first digital camera. His interest in this hobby just grew and grew…

Late 2010 the Fuji X100 was announced, and in the spring of 2011 Poul-Werner was able to buy one – just to see ‘what it was about’. He was immediately ‘sold’ to the system. A year later he bought the Fuji X-Pro1 with a couple of lenses (and sold his Nikon D700 system). And it has been Fuji ever since – X-Pro1 and now X100S.

Here is what Poul-Werner wrote about his image: “The building you can see in this pic in a nearby town, Holstebro – Denmark. It is a public building with offices with people working for the Danish Tax authorities 🙂 The picture was taken in July 2013, while I was waiting for transport. I had my Fuji X100 (now replaced by an X100S). I had long wished to ‘scout’ the area to look for photo opportunies, and then maybe come back later when the light would be better. This was taken around noon, in hot sunny weather – not the best time of the day. But nevertheless, I took some pictures to have them as a reminder in my catalogue (I have a keyword in Lightroom called ‘inspiration’ where I keep those sort of pictures). This particular picture is on the north side of the building.”

Have a look at some more of Poul-Werner’s photographs – visit his Flickr page.

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