Editor's Choice

“Nomad Mother and Child in Rupshu Valley”

· 9.March.2015

It is time to kick off the Editor’s Choice series. From all the images being submitted for publication on FujiLove I simply choose the ones, which strike me the most – both visually and emotionally. Keep in mind that it is strictly my own, personal choice.

The first photograph I want to share with you guys is an image sent in by Mike Alexander. Mike took this photograph in the Rupshu Valley in India and here is what he wrote:

“A nomad woman and child in the Rupshu Valley of Ladakh, in the northern region of India. Rupshu Valley is approximately 4800m (15750ft) above sea level in the Himalayan Mountain Range. The child was a little reserved at first, but patience paid off as she became more comfortable and animated after a few minutes. Two days later, they packed up and moved to another part of the valley.”

Fuji X-T1, XF 10-24mm f/4 , 15mm, 180s, f/16, ISO 200. Off camera flash through an umbrella.

Thanks a lot, Mike. And congrats on this fabulous shot.

To see some more of Mike’s work, go ahead and visit his website.

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