Editor's Choice

“What was left of the sunset”

· 18.March.2015

Today I would like to present a photograph made by Thaís Tabosa. Thaís used her Fujifilm X100 with its fixed 23mm f/2 lens to make this beautiful image.

And here is what Thaís Tabosa wrote about her photograph:

“This photo was taken on the first night of a seven day hiking trip I did last month. We were camping between a river and some hills, miles away from any source of artificial light other then our own flashlights. After the sunset I got away from the tents to photograph the stars and tried to use the hills to compose the image. On the very first try I noticed that the camera could still capture some of the
sunset light, even though we couldn’t see it. I could kiss my tripod right there! It was a hard choice to take it with me, since I had to carry it for the whole exhausting trip. After all, it was well worth it!”

To look at some more work of Thaís, go ahead and visit her website at www.thaistabosa.com.