Editor's Choice


· 15.March.2015

Today’s photograph comes from Matthew Seratti. Matthew took it with his Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the XF 35mm f/1.4 lens. 

“This photo is a constant reminder to me that ‘street’ photography doesn’t happen sitting in a chair at home. On this hot day I had been trolling up and down the beach numerous times with little luck. As you can see the sun was high overhead and I was about to give up for the day but decided to walk down a stretch of a less populated area that is usually pretty low yield as far as photos go. It reminds me that
while street photography is a lot about luck, there’s no luck at all without persistence and patience to wait for the elements to come together for that split second. There’s no luck without stepping up to
the table and placing a bet.” – Matthew wrote.

“I’ve been Fuji-centric since the Xpro1 came out. I think that the people at Fuji must enjoy being photographers, because the gear they’re making is designed for people, and not just another commodity to be sold. They’re really thinking about the design and features.”

Visit Matthew Seratti’s website to enjoy more of his work.

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