· 13.July.2018

Friday 13th just got luckier! This weekend only, we are offering 15% OFF our digital yearly subscriptions to FujiLove Magazine, which applies both to our Extended and Basic subscriptions. 

FujiLove is the number one magazine and website for Fujifilm X series camera users from all around the globe and by signing up to one of our subscriptions this weekend, you’ll be joining thousands of other passionate members in receiving the most inspiring Fujifilm X Series content on offer.

Subscribe to FujiLove Magazine until Sunday (July 15th), 23:59 PT and save 15% on the yearly Extended or Basic digital plan.

Here are your options:

MOST POPULAR: FujiLove Extended for $93.03/yr (instead of $109.45/yr)

  • get immediate access to: all available and future editions of FujiLove Magazine, LIVE FujiLove photography webinars, FujiLove Academy videos, PDF Handouts, Fujifilm X Series Tech support

SUBSCRIBE NOW: Pay with credit card  / Pay with PayPal

FujiLove Basic for $46.28/yr (instead of $54.45/yr)

  • get immediate access to: all available and future editions of FujiLove Magazine, FujiLove Academy videos, PDF Handouts

SUBSCRIBE NOW: Pay with credit card  /  Pay with PayPal

Join the FujiLove family today! With all the developments on the horizon, the remaining months of 2018 and the year 2019 will definitely belong to some of the most significant times in the history of Fujifilm. Make sure you join us on the inside, and let us accompany you on your Fuji X journey. It would be wonderful to have you on board!


Since March 2015 FUJILOVE has been continually growing as the number one website and magazine for users of the Fujifilm X Series cameras. Today, several thousands of photographers from around the globe log in to FujiLove on a daily basis.

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