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The Silence Between: Photographs of Music in the Moment

· 17.April.2024

The title ‘Silence Between: Photographs of Music in the Moment’ is a bit of a misnomer or, at least, a contradiction. It is inspired by Claude Debussy’s idea that “it’s the silence between the notes that holds the key to all music”. So, despite the anticipation of silence suggested by the title, this collection also showcases musicians caught in the act of making those notes, enveloped in the passion of their performance.

I often choose black and white for my images to highlight the moment’s essence, making the timing of the photo timeless. My technique involves careful shooting and using vintage lenses with manual focus, which keeps me connected to the moment. Fujinon lenses with a manual aperture ring make switching between modern autofocus lenses and vintage glass easier. For me, capturing the atmosphere of the scene is more important than the perfect sharpness of the image. The combination of using Fujifilm’s technology with vintage lenses significantly shapes the photos’ look, capturing the essence of the experience.

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