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FujiLove Magazine – February 2022

· 7.February.2022

Hello FujiLovers! Issue no. 71 of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy. Subscribers, head to the FujiLove Subscriber Area.

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Our cover contributor for this month is Bryan Minear, who gives us some insight into how fatherhood has had an impact on his photography. He also explores how the pandemic provided an opportunity to combine spending time with his son and taking epic landscape shots, which led to a surprising photo series with his son as the subject.

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he shares with us his favourite X Mount cameras of the past ten years as we look forward to Fujifilm’s new offerings due to be announced at the next X Summit in May. Abigail Fahey, meanwhile, brings us our photo issue for this month with an incredibly raw and honest account of undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Next up is Nils Leithold with a fascinating account of how studying landscape science has taken him on an exciting journey into landscape for photography.

Our first interview for this month is with Kirth Bobb, who shares with us how asking big questions about life goes hand in hand with his photography as well as his process for creative portraiture. Next up is our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Scott Ferguson, Zareah Hilay, Vincent Bergado and Ryan Devereux. For our second interview this month, we’re chatting to Petronella Lugemwa about her passion for documenting multicultural love stories and how her own experiences as a Ugandan who was raised in Zimbabwe and then the U.S. showed her the importance of celebrating people’s different cultural heritages.

Continuing her series on travel photography is Raisa Zwart, who shares why she didn’t fall in love with the city of Lisbon at first sight and gives us some helpful tips when it comes to photographing cities. Rounding off our February issue, Ibarionex Perello continues his series on rediscovering photography with look at how setting aside some time to cull and edit his work led him to making an interesting series of diptychs as a way of rediscovering his old work in new ways.

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