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FujiLove Magazine – December 2018

· 1.December.2018

Hello FujiLovers! Issue no. 33 of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy.

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Our first contributor for this month is Jean-Mathieu Saponaro, who extols the virtues of the X100F as the perfect carry-everywhere camera for travel and street photography. He shares with us the settings he uses on the camera himself, as well as some helpful tips for travel photography learned in the field.

Next up is Ibarionex Perello, who reflects on how the process of making mistakes in his craft over the years has actually helped shape who he is as a photographer today and contributed to his success. Eugen Kamenew, meanwhile, discusses some of the intricacies of astrophotography and explains how using the GFX 50S has enabled him to add in a human element to his images that brings something new to his photography.

Giving us a look at some images captured from a recent trip to Lebanon, Mike Vincent also explains how finding the Fujifilm X system transformed his approach to photography and helped him give him a new sense of purpose in life, while Jonas Rask gives us a bit of a Christmas special in the form of a fantastic round-up of what is sometimes known as the ‘Fujilux trio’ – the XF35mmF1.4, XF56mmF1.2 and XF23mmF1.4.

Concluding his ‘Simplicity in Seeing’ series, Olaf Sztaba reflects on what has been an incredibly inspirational column, sharing with us how writing his articles each month has actually helped propel him forward with his art. Similarly, Jens Krauer wraps up his own fantastic and thought-provoking ‘Street Photography’ series by taking stock of the current status of the genre and pondering the photographic projects he wants to pursue in 2019.

In this month’s interview we’re talking to Coltrane Koh, a freelance photographer living in the south of Wales, U.K., who demonstrates a real flair for storytelling through his visually beautiful imagery. Rounding off our December issue is Lane Erickson, who demonstrates how he’s been using the X Series to go out and capture some wonderful autumn imagery.

Happy reading!