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FujiLove Gear Talk – October 2021

· 22.October.2021

Hello FujiLovers! The October edition of our Gear Talk supplement has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy. Subscribers, head to the FujiLove Subscriber Area.

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In this month’s edition, Rico Pfirstinger is continuing his series on mastering focus, this month taking a look at manual focusing, while Piet Van den Eynde returns to his deep dive of Capture One with an exploration of ratings, colour labels and keywords. Next up is our favourite husband and wife team, Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis, who are sharing their individual experience of the GFX100S in Iceland. Rounding off the September issue of Gear Talk is Dylan Goldby with a look at an alternative tethering solution to the Fujifilm app.

Happy reading!