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Fujifilm Manuals – 40% off!

· 17.March.2015

I am really happy to announce that we have just partnered with Rocky Nook, an independent publisher of digital photography books and they are offering FujiLove readers 40% (yes, forty!) discount on all the Fujifilm camera manuals written by the well respected X-Pert, Rico Pfirstinger.

Make sure you benefit from this unique offer. Rico Pfirstinger has written in-depth manuals to Fujifilm’s X-E2, X-T1, X100, X-E1 and X-Pro1 cameras. They will help you master your camera and discover many hidden features of your equipment.

By using the banner in our sidebar (or this link) and entering the coupon code “FUJILOVE” when making a purchase, you will receive 40% discount on the regular price of their books. At the same time you will support the FujiLove website through the affiliate agreement we have just signed up with Rocky Nook.