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X Summit & FUJIKINA Stockholm 2023

· 11.September.2023

by Take Kayo

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we start to prepare our hearts and minds for some Fujifilm goodness in the form of an X Summit and FUJIKINA event, this time in the port city of Stockholm, Sweden. Last year’s FUJIKINA in New York was special as it was the first time the event was held outside of Japan and this year we jump from a North American host city to one in Europe. “What is FUJIKINA?” you ask. Good question. This is how Yuji Igarashi of Fujifilm describes it in the latest announcement video:

“FUJIKINA is an end-user event, in which you can check out our latest gear, participate in seminars and workshops conducted by professional photographers and videographers”.

Yes, this event is meant for Fujilovers like us, photo and camera nerds! Being held at Fotografiska Stockholm, you must buy a ticket to attend the event, although the cost is pretty minimal; tickets cost 99 SEK (around $9 USD), which also includes entry to the other exhibitions at Fotografiska…

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