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What’s New in Capture One Pro 23 (16.3.0)?

· 26.December.2023

Around two years ago, Adobe introduced AI masks in Lightroom Classic 11, allowing automatic selection of skies and subjects. AI-based object and people selections followed at the end of 2022, enabling the automatic selection of entire persons and/or specific body parts such as skin, hair, clothing, etc. These masks eliminated the need for intricate Photoshop work and allowed users to keep even complex local edits non-destructively within Lightroom. All eyes were on Capture One Pro, Lightroom’s main competitor, anticipating a similar feature. Finally, with version 16.3.0, Capture One has delivered upon that anticipation by introducing its own AI masks, along with other updates discussed in this article.

AI Masks

The Layers tool has been rebranded as Layers & Masks (1). Capture One now provides three AI-based selection tools. Subject Selection and Background Selection automatically identify the AI-recognized subject or background. To select other image elements, utilise the AI brush by hovering over the image and clicking when the desired part lights up red. If your photo lacks layers, the selection transforms into an adjustment layer with a mask. If an existing adjustment layer is chosen, the selection is added to that layer’s existing mask…

by Piet Van den Eynde

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