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Newborn Photography With the X-T5 and XF23mmF1.4 R LM WR

· 20.December.2023

Newborn photography is a unique genre that is on the rise. The Fujifilm system has been integral to my creative process for over a decade. I recently upgraded to the X-T5 and the newest iteration of the XF23mmF1.4 and the XF33mmF1.4. How did this new gear affect my workflow and were they necessary? Let me share my journey and the wonderful world of newborn photography.

Greetings! I am Doc Ian, a licensed paediatrician, newborn photographer, newborn photography instructor, YouTube content creator on mechanical keyboards, Medical Licensure Exam Review Instructor, author and Fujifilm enthusiast. Newborn photography has been my exclusive photography genre for over a decade and, long before, I was one of the first few photographers here in the Philippines who took the leap and dove into the Fujifilm system coming from the bulky DSLRs of yesteryear. The journey has been blissful and upgrading to the X-T5 and the new XF23mmF1.4 brought smiles and excitement to my photography.

Newborn photography is a genre still in its infancy (pun intended!). When I started in 2013, only a handful of photographers practised this art. Resources were scarce, and clients were unfamiliar with it and reluctant to have their newborns photographed. Fast-forward to today, several well-known newborn photographers now practise in the Philippines. Parents are actively looking to have their newborns photographed and many photographers are shifting to or adding the genre to their arsenal. We started workshops that have trained over 100 photographers this year, helping them execute the genre safely and effectively.

by Adrian Salvador De Vera

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