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Roman Inuit

· 9.April.2015

Today I am sharing with you an image sent in by an Italian photographer, Luca Rossini. Luca has just entered the Fuji X world and X100T is his first X camera. Read more about the photograph itself and about Luca’s first impressions of the X100T.

Here is what Luca wrote about his image:

“It was a warm Wednesday morning at the end of Roman winter. As every morning I was fastening my daughter to the car seat to drive her to kindergarten. That morning she grabbed my hand very hard, she didn’t want to let me go. I had just spent the whole weekend installing my very first visual at one of Roman’s major electronic party, so I didn’t spend much time with her. I had also a lot of work in the last two days. The day was warming up, a nice yellow sun raising in the winter sky. So I decided.

“Honey, how would you like to spend the day with daddy instead than at school”. Her eyes went super wide.

“What about going to the beach, instead”. Her eyes went even wider.

So I kept driving past her school, past the last city streets, past the fields, past the towns. Until we got to the shore of Fregene.

It was a magic day, we spent the morning walking on the shore, almost empty besides a few surfers and a couple of dog sitters. We had the whole, long, long beach for us. And I had my new X100T with me, as every day since when it had arrived, less than one week before. I love the feeling this camera gives me, it is relaxing and yet precise. It is almost as direct and straight forward as an analogue camera, and I think the electronic viewfinder plays a big role in making this possible. Thanks to it I can reach the intended exposition and precise focusing even while using the OVF. I know there are reviews evaluating it as “not more than a gimmick”. Well, it works for me.

Then we had spaghetti with mussels in a small restaurant on the shore. The sun was up and hot and we ate outside with our jackets off. We had a chat, my daughter and I, about her school mates, her passions, her life. And she’s just three!

Finally, and I’m not making this up, Matt Dillon arrived at the same restaurant, one table behind us, and he enjoyed the same spaghetti with mussels. With the truly italian recipe, the one without tomato…”

To look at more of Luca Rossini’s work, make sure to visit his website at www.lucarossini.it.

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