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Deciphering the Letters on Your Lens

· 28.November.2023

Have you ever looked at the full name of your Fujifilm lens and wondered what all the letters and symbols surrounding the focal length mean? If so, this month’s article is for you. Here, I’ll explain what each of the markings stands for and quantify what they mean for us as photographers.

Some lenses will have quite a few markings on them and some will be more simple in their appearance. Much like graduates of prestigious institutions, typically the more letters following a Fujifilm lens, the more capabilities it has. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right tool for the job, though! These are mostly not markings that tell you anything about optical quality. That is a whole different thing.


These are the words that typically precede the name of any Fujifilm lens. They are one of the two markings on your lens that tell you something about its optical quality. EBC, or Electron Beam Coating (catchy, right?), is a technology that Fujifilm uses to coat the glass in its lenses to enhance light transmittance and also prevent internal reflections in the lens. These internal reflections are major causes of flare and ghosting, so having these coatings means that Fujifilm has employed technology to improve the lens’ performance in this regard.

by Dylan Goldby

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