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Review: Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy Neck Strap

· 5.April.2016

If you have been following my strap reviews in the past, you might have noticed that I have never been the biggest “strap fan”. Well, it might be slowly changing. For the last couple of weeks I have been using and testing a neck strap with a funny sounding name: Skinny Jimmy made by a Poland-based company Sailor Strap. I am happy to report that I am more than pleased with this simple little strap.

Sailor Strap specializes in producing camera straps made of… yes, you guessed it!… sailing ropes. Logically thinking, it would be difficult to imagine a more durable and robust material for a camera strap. And that is exactly how Skinny Jimmy feels as well. I attached it to my X-Pro2 and from the very first moment I knew that my camera would be staying very safe. The strap feels really solid, strong and robust. It is made of “durable, silk polyester sailing rope beautifully finished with vegetable tanned leather” (I stole this description from the company’s website – they must have had brainstormed for weeks to come up with this catchy marketing phrase 🙂 )

Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy. Made of durable sailing rope.

Sailor Strap Skinny Jimmy. Made of durable sailing rope.

This strap is simple. It is basically a piece of thin rope. But it really feels good – around the neck and in the hand. It fits really nicely the retro aesthetics of Fuji X cameras and – what is most important – it just does its job, how it is supposed to do it: it protects your camera.

It is long enough (100cm) to let you move your camera easily when shooting in different directions. Personally I find the length of around 100cm the perfect length for a camera strap (just for a reference: I am 176cm tall).

The sailing rope used to produce Skinny Jimmy is black and at both ends of the strap you will find two nicely attached pieces of navy blue leather, followed by two 18mm stainless steel split rings.


Needless to say, the strap is hand made. Have a look at this video to see how:

All in all, I really love the Skinny Jimmy and it will be staying on my camera for sure.

The strap costs 40 USD, but Sailor Strap politely agreed to offer FujiLove readers a discount of 5%.

You can benefit from this discount, by entering the coupon code “FUJ1L0VESAILORSTRAP” upon checkout. This coupon code will also work, should you decide to purchase any other strap from the Sailor Strap online store.

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