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One Camera to Rule Them All: A Battle of Versatility Between the X100V & X-T5

· 17.June.2024

This month I decided to conduct an experiment, using either the X-T5 and XF16-55mmF2.8 or the X100V and its excellent fixed 23mmF2 lens to find out what is king when it comes to versatility: size or zoom.

We as photographers tend to throw the word ‘versatile’ around a little too often and its meaning changes vastly with context. So, I did a little experiment this past month to figure out what it really means in a standard, everyday sense. (Sure, the concept of ‘everyday’ for a travel documentary photographer probably differs to many of you but is the perfect test bed for something like this.) My experiment was conducted using the X-T5 and ‘Red-Badge’ XF16-55mmF2.8 (24-70mm in full-frame terms), and the X100V with its fixed 23mmF2 lens (35mm full-frame equivalent). So, the battle is between a camera and lens combo that does absolutely everything but is bigger, heavier and slower, and a quick-to-use, tiny camera with a nifty prime.

Considered to be the pinnacle of lens versatility, the 24-70mm focal range lets you go from wide to short telephoto, while a 35mm option offers an array of benefits from small size and weight to minimal distortion and a great focus distance. Before we go any further with this experiment, I’ll say this upfront: if you plan to make money from photography, I’d advise getting a fixed-aperture zoom. It’s my main workhorse and not even a close second for a 35mm prime. That said, I almost exclusively use primes for my personal work. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of this experiment…

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