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Is Fujifilm the New Leica?

· 13.December.2023

Someone recently commented “Fujifilm is the new Leica” on one of my Instagram posts and I thought it was an interesting statement. I think what they meant was that in terms of being the most hyped-up brand (especially within the context of social media), Fujifilm is now the go-to camera brand. I don’t like hype or clout culture, and I don’t think inventing competition between two beloved brands is useful to anyone. However, there have always been comparisons between Leica and Fujifilm over the years, and there are some certain DNA similarities between the two camera manufacturers.

For instance, both brands still make digital rangefinder cameras (yes, I still consider the X-Pro and X100 series rangefinders due to the optical viewfinder). Both manufacturers still make classic-looking cameras with useful ergonomic functional features (physical ISO dial, shutter speed dial, marked aperture ring, etc.). Both Leica and Fujifilm are also the only camera manufacturers that are still developing and manufacturing professional full-featured (larger sensor, built-in viewfinder, hot shoe), all-in-one digital ‘point-and-shoot’ cameras. In fact, the two most ‘hyped’ cameras on social media for the past year have been the Fujifilm X100V and the Leica Q3. So, there are plenty of reasons why both Fujifilm and Leica are uttered in the same breath amongst many social media personalities, influencers and media brands…

by Take Kayo

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