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Gear and its Role in Defining Photographic Style

· 1.January.2024

It seems like everywhere you look in the photography world, there is some talk about finding your style. This usually involves digging deep, drawing on your own experiences, and making thousands upon thousands of images to find what it is that you are trying to express through your work. These are huge parts of what makes up a photographer’s style, much of which is defined by what they choose to photograph, how they treat the things they photograph and what they choose to leave out.

In this month’s article, I want to take a bit of an unpopular stance and talk about the role that equipment plays in style and how we can use the equipment we own as part of our photographic style. After all, we are here talking about Fujifilm cameras and lenses, so there must be something in them that makes us want to use them over other equipment we could have purchased.

When I started my photography business, I was working with a Nikon D800 and some of the most beautiful prime lenses available to photographers at the time. I absolutely adored the images I was getting for their soft tonality that could be pushed this way and that. Images were rich and detailed, but I always found myself trying to reduce the amount of perfection in them and desaturate the colours to fit what I had in my mind…

by Dylan Goldby

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