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FujiLove Premium. One week to go.

· 27.March.2016

Exactly in one week time FujiLove Premium membership will open for subscriptions. You can only imagine how excited I am. In today’s post I am answering all the questions I have been receiving via email and via FujiLove Facebook page for the last couple of weeks. Read it through and you will exactly know what FujiLove Premium is going to be.


Before I go into details, here is the answer to the QUESTION NUMBER ONE I keep getting basically every few minutes via email:

Q: When will I be able to subscribe to FujiLove Premium?
A: Starting Saturday, April 2nd, 17:00 CET

FujiLove went online one year ago (well, to be exact: the very first article went up on March 3rd, 2015, so it is even longer than a year!). Together with all of you, we have managed to create an amazing community of Fuji X camera series enthusiasts, real FujiLovers! I have never expected FujiLove to grow so big and I want to thank you all once more for all your support and passion, that you have been sharing with me and with all the FujiLove community members throughout these 13 great months.

You kept asking for more, so I decided to work on it. I teamed up with some of the most renowned X photographers around the globe and asked to them to share their knowledge and their passion with all of us. That’s how the idea of FujiLove Premium was born.

I wanted FujiLove Premium to deliver as much value as possible. I wanted it to be a place, where we can learn a lot about photography and about Fujifilm X cameras. And learn it from the best.

Here are the main features of the FujiLove Premium Membership:

  • FujiLove Magazine – heart of FujiLove Premium, monthly PDF magazine full of great imagery and invaluable learning experience. To give you an idea, that’s what you will find inside of the first issue: Damien Lovegrove’s tutorial on window light portraits, Kevin Mullins’ feature on photographing weddings with the Fuji X system, Karen Hutton’s exact explanations on her favourite landscape images (including EXIF information, lenses she chose, and in-camera-settings she applied), David Nightingale’s take on post-production and on what role it plays in the creative process of his photography, Ted Vieira’s “report” on his recent portrait shoot with the X-Pro2, Nick Schreger’s comprehensive explanation of flash photography options with the Fujifilm X system, Sebastian Boatca’s review of his favourite XF16-55mm f/2.8 R lens. Added to the mix you will find my interview with Ana Rosenberg, extraordinary photographer from New Jersey talking about her beautiful black and white photographs of her children.
  • PDF Handouts – every single month you will receive a PDF handout consisting of 20 tips – photography instructions and ideas on a specific subject, prepared exclusively for FujiLove Premium subscribers by a Fuji X photographer and expert in this particular area. We are starting with 20 street photography tips by one and only Take Kayo (aka. Bigheadtaco) from Canada. Most of you must know Take from his previous FujiLove articles and also from his excellent YouTube videos
  • Member Discussion Forums – you will gain access to FujiLove Premium member forums. These forums will be open only for the subscribers / paying members of the site. You will be able to discuss Fuji X related matters with people who are really devoted to the subject, with those who (exactly like you) really care about photography with the X series cameras.
  • Live Webinars – this one alone is worth signing up for membership! Once a month you will be invited to watch and participate in a live webinar with a renowned Fuji X photographer. You will be able to ask your questions and get them answered by the photographer himself. Our guest number one: Kevin Mullins! And don’t worry, in case you can’t attend the webinar in real time, you will be able to watch a recording afterwards. These recordings will be also only available for FujiLove Premium subscribers.
  • Photo Assignments – every month there will be a photo assignment announced exclusively for the FujiLove subscribers. Starting in April the photo assignments will be only available for the premium members BUT (!) the prizes for the winners will be really attractive. I can’t reveal everything as of today yet, but I can guarantee that you will be positively surprised 🙂
  • 15% discount – last but not least, as a FujiLove Premium Member you will be continuously entitled for a 15% discount on all FujiLove-organised photography workshops and tours

I am convinced you will really enjoy the magazine and all the additional features of FujiLove Premium. When creating it I have been always thinking about it from my own perspective. I was trying to pack it with features, which I would appreciate myself as a Fuji X series camera users and photography enthusiast. I also took into account all the suggestions and ideas you had been sending in via email. Thanks so much for that!

And the price?

GOOD NEWS!! You can stop reading here. Much more attractive pricing will be announced on Saturday, April 2nd!! Make sure you are subscribed to the FujiLove Newsletter.

I tried to keep it low and fair. I always knew I wanted to offer the best possible content, and it meant that I would have to afford the best writers and photographers.
Here is the deal:

Monthly FujiLove Premium Membership with access to all above-mentioned features will cost 9.95 USD.


If you are subscribed to the FujiLove Newsletter, you will receive a special coupon code, which will allow you to subscribe for 5.95 USD / month. Go ahead and SUBSCRIBE TO FUJILOVE NEWSLETTER and you will receive the coupon code via email in a few days.


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