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FujiLove Magazine – May 2023

· 7.May.2023

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Our cover contributor for this month is Russell Ord, who explains the challenges of surf photography and capturing the waves from within the water, as well as taking us through the necessary skills and tools needed for taking images of this kind. 

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he considers the buzz surrounding the X100V off the back of its incredibly rise in popularity among content creators on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, as well as exploring some ideas for the next iteration of the camera.

Next up is Karen Shulman with this month’s photo essay, where she gives us an incredibly emotive look at the utter devastation of Fort Myers in the wake of Hurricane Ian last year. Kant Rathod, meanwhile, takes us back to 2020 and the beginning of his ‘Park Life’ project that came to fruition through his daily walks through the Thames Barrier Park in the height of the pandemic. 

As usual, we also have our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Joakim Jormelin, Hansel Tjia, Bart Slaman and Joakim Jormelin. In our FujiLove interview for this month, Niklas Johansson chats to Stephanie Baxter about his love for wedding photography and self-portraits, using slow shutter speeds to capture movement in his street work and the importance of being kind to yourself as a creative.

Continuing her ‘Creative Vision Behind the Lens’ series, Valérie Jardin takes us behind the scenes of more of her favourite photographs, giving us invaluable insight into her creative process for taking each one.

We’re also thrilled to bring you our ‘Gear Talk’ section of FujiLove Magazine, starting with Rico Pfirstinger, who is delivering his next instalment in his camera settings series that shows you how to best set up and make the most of your X cameras while avoiding common pitfalls along the way, this month moving on to the SOUND and SCREEN settings menus.  Next up is Piet Van den Eynde gives us a rundown of all the new features of Lightroom Classic 12.3, while Bobbi Lane teaches us about fill flash, giving us tips and tricks for using flash modifiers for creative results. Rounding off the issue is Dylan Goldby with a exploration into the sensor on the X-T5, pitting it against that of the GFX 50R and taking a look at the difference in sharpness.

Happy reading!