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FujiLove Magazine – January 2022

· 8.January.2022

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Our cover contributor for this month is Valérie Jardin, who gives us some insight into her creative vision behind the lens. Taking seven of her photographs, she provides us with an intimate look into her thought and creative process from visualisation to capture. 

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he takes a look back at what Fujifilm accomplished in 2021 and what might be coming up in 2022. Next up is Derek Fahsbender, who shares how he went from feeling stuck in his creativity to shooting photos that are both filled with meaning and bring him joy. Alexandros Muchailidis, meanwhile, kicks us off with a new feature for FujiLove Magazine for 2022 with a photo essay showing his documentation of the devastation of Greece’s forest fires in August 2021.

Our first interview for this month is with Natalie Naccache, who shares with us how she hopes to reduce judgement and stereotyping, and foster more kindness and understanding through her work depicting modern-day society in the Arab world. Next up is our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Justin Kohl, Luca Massimilian, Efrén Monroy and Eleazar Lucky Caoile. For our second interview this month, we’re chatting to Kevin Chu about how a hiking trip with friends led to a love of photography.

Kicking off a new series about travel photography for the first half of 2022 is Raisa Zwart, with her first instalment taking us behind the scenes of her first first trip to Marrakech. Rounding off our December issue, Ibarionex Perello begins his new series of six articles on rediscovering photography with an explanation of what it is exactly that compels him to make photographs.

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