FujiLove Magazine

FujiLove Magazine – February 2018

· 5.February.2018

Another month, another great issue. The February issue of FujiLove Magazine is a wonderfully varied edition, full of passion and enthusiasm from our wonderful photographers.

Ibarionex Perello is first up, sharing with us his experiences of photographing a trip to South Africa with the X-T2, as part of an event organised by the Photographic Society of South Africa.

We delve into the world of blues music with Eric Kreisant, who explains what it’s been like to be able to photograph some of the most-respected blues artists over the years, while Michael Dominic K. reflects on his journey into kids’ fashion photography for his and his wife’s company, Pan Pantaloni. (Be prepared for some extremely cute models!)

Babak Hariri explores the world of abstract and expressionist art, and discusses how he’s managed to merge it with photography in order to create some truly creative photographic series. Jonas Rask delivers another thoughtful instalment for his Lens Guide, this time considering the XF56mmF1.2 R APD.

Olaf Sztaba, meanwhile, continues his Simplicity in Seeing series by exploring the concept of a photographer’s responsibility to their audience. Bobbi Lane takes a look at the new XF80mmF2.8 macro lens, providing us with some helpful visual examples to see where this lens really shines in a technical sense.

We also talk to Kara Mercer, an X-Photographer based in Seattle, who’s just come back from a trip to Prague in conjunction with Fujifilm CZ, finishing up with Vitor Munhoz’s Ultimate Guide to Concert Photography.

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