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FujiLove Magazine – July 2018

· 7.July.2018

Hello FujiLovers! The July issue of FujiLove Magazine has arrived with a whole fresh batch of wonderful articles for you to enjoy.

Our cover contributor for this month is Victoria Wright, who is discussing the importance of undertaking personal projects in your own photography. She shares with us some beautiful imagery from some of her own recent personal projects, while encouraging us to do the same in order to keep the photographic passion alive.

Documenting his journey through an MA in photojournalism, Sandro Georgi explains to us the crucial process of understanding how change happens and how that can affect one’s journey in photography. Next up is Eugen Kamenew, who shares with us how his X Series gear helps him in his practice of astrophotography.

Tom Schlegel, meanwhile, gets us excited about the fast and furious world of Cyclocross, documenting this year’s World Championships in the Netherlands with his X-T2. In his ‘Simplicity in Seeing’ series this month, Olaf Sztaba considers how combining seemingly-unrelated elements in an image can help to deliver a really compelling photograph, while Jens Krauer continues his own ‘Street Photography’ series with a discussion on the importance of regularly editing and tweaking one’s photographic portfolio.

In this month’s interview we’re talking to Jonas Jacobsson, who manages to travel the world taking the most amazing photographs whilst still doing a full-time job. We discuss what’s in his current Fujifilm kit, post-processing, the importance of enjoying the experience of each travel destination over getting the shot and more! Rounding up our July issue is Ibarionex Perello, who shares with us his journey of getting involved in a softball league for the over 50s, all the while documenting it with the X100 Series.

Happy reading!

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