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FujiLove Magazine – August 2022

· 8.August.2022

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Our cover contributor for this month is Shotti who is being interviewed by Alison Conklin about the collaborative process between photographer and client, as well as the experience of opening a photography studio in NYC.

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he considers the demand for more premium compact cameras, taking a look at Fujifilm’s previous models and offering some insights into what he’d like to see in the future.

Marc Sadowski shares his experiences of using the GFX to capture an engagement shoot and wedding, while Sérgio Kaufmann gives us some insight into his practice of self-portraiture in his photo essay. Next up is Derek Fahsbender with an exploration of what success has looked like for him on his photography journey and the role that working hard has played in that process.

As usual, we also have our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Johan Stephan, Reed Rabideau, William Caicedo-Torres and Richard Haas

Continuing his ‘Lost & Found’ series, Matthew Willingham shares how he’s been able to find hope amidst really awful humanitarian crises by forging relationships with the unsung heroes who put themselves at risk by stepping into help others during times of struggle and strife.

As usual, we’re also thrilled to bring you our ‘Gear Talk’ section of FujiLove Magazine. Rico Pfirstinger concludes his series on mastering focus by giving us some solutions to some common focusing problems, while Piet Van den Eynde takes a look at the new Nik Collection 5 from DxO, gives us his insight into the most important changes and considers who might benefit most from upgrading. Next up is Bobbi Lane, who is giving us a deep-dive into two important settings on your Fujifilm camera: White Balance and Preview Exposure / White Balance. Rounding off the August issue is Dylan Goldby with a reflection on the GFX system and what it offers us in comparison to the X Series.

Happy reading!