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FujiLove Magazine – April 2023

· 6.April.2023

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Our cover contributor for this month is Bobbi Lane, who is taking us behind the scenes of her and Lee’s latest trip to the Venice Carnival, where they run photography workshops every year. In this Gear Talk article, Bobbi shares their process for scouting out locations for shooting well-know costumers the Rose Sisters, as well as how they shot some beautiful high-key images of them that beautifully show off their ornate costumes. 

Take Kayo brings us his latest instalment of Take’s Corner, where he weighs up different lenses of similar focal lengths for the X Series, considering whether it’s better to have smaller and lighter or faster lenses.

Meanwhile, Nivi Shaham gives us an inside look into her ‘Misconceptions’ project that she produced for the launch of the X-H2S, creating several stop motions that powerfully shine a light on the issues of food scarcity and food insecurity. Next up is Polly Rusyn with this month’s photo essay, where she takes to the streets of Stamford Hill in North London to document the Hasidic community’s preparations for celebrating Purim. Bjorn Moerman, on the other hand, takes us to Bangkok, sharing some personal favourite photographs of the Hua Lamphong railway station, which has served as a very important transport hub for the Thai capital for over 100 years. 

As usual, we also have our monthly ‘From the Feed’ feature, where we’re sharing four popular images from #myfujilove on Instagram, posted by Ats Liiv, Alexander Treptow, J.J. Raap and Simon Runting. In our FujiLove interview for this month, Gerald Mills chats to Stephanie Baxter about his ever-evolving approach to photography, how he uses the interplay of shadow and light in his work, and how the X-T1 changed everything for him as a photographer.

Continuing her ‘Creative Vision Behind the Lens’ series, Valérie Jardin takes us behind the scenes of more of her favourite photographs, giving us invaluable insight into her creative process for taking each one.

We’re also thrilled to bring you our ‘Gear Talk’ section of FujiLove Magazine, starting with Rico Pfirstinger, who is delivering his next instalment in his camera settings series that shows you how to best set up and make the most of your X cameras while avoiding common pitfalls along the way, this month moving on to the SETUP menu.  Piet Van den Eynde, meanwhile, shows us how to speed up our workflow in Capture One through the use of Styles and Presets. After Bobbi’s article and rounding off the April issue is Dylan Goldby with a look at how to work with focal lengths like that of Samyang’s 77mmF1.8 lens, demonstrating that a long focal length can often be more versatile than you might think.

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