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· 12.October.2018

Have you been seriously thinking about drastically improving your flash photography skills for a while? There has never been a better moment to act on your plans!

Today we are proudly announcing “FLASH & FUJIFILM” – the very first in-house FujiLove eBook publication prepared exclusively for you, FujiLove readers, by one of our most beloved contributors and a walking-flash-encyclopedia, Australian photographer, Dylan Goldby.

“Flash & Fujifilm: A Practical Guide to Moving from Numbers to Images”

This 160 page eBook is designed to take you from your first flash image all the way to confidently using all the technologies in your Fujifilm camera.

Learn Your Flash

Approximately one year ago, we put our heads together here and brainstormed an idea for a book that would really benefit our readers. We decided to start with a topic that would help not only understand more about how our Fujifilm cameras work, but more about light in general and how we can use it to advance our photography.

Rather than make a theoretical book about flash photography (there are enough of those out there) or one that just shows off my own work (there are enough of those, too!), I decided to make this a practical guide that introduces you to the techniques I most often use and provides you with assignments in order to practice them yourself.

Over the course of 10 Case Studies, 13 assignments, and a whole section of quick tips, you’ll learn to take control of your exposures and harness the power of flash photography. We won’t be getting bogged down in the exact size of your softbox or which light stand you choose, we’ll be focusing on actionable tips and step-by-step processes to get you making images with off-camera flash.

Each of these Case Studies will look at an appropriate image and how it was created (including lighting diagrams and all the settings I used). We’ll cover location portraits in editorial style, travel portraits, and even a little food photography. But, to be honest, light is light and we will treat it as such. The goal is to gain a solid understanding of how light works so you can apply it to any subject.

We also won’t be using any high-end equipment or very specific modifiers. The whole book is designed for you to get the most our of minimal equipment and be able to use almost any Fujifilm camera for any of the photographs we walk through together. All you’ll need is a flash, a modifier, a camera, and a lens. I’ll even give a few simple recommendations if you’re just getting started.

Since we’re aiming to take you from the basics and get you up to speed, the book doesn’t assume you know anything except how to operate your camera. If you can create a correctly exposed image in manual mode, you’re ready to take on what this book has to offer.

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Dylan Goldby

Dylan Goldby

Dylan is an Aussie photographer based out of Seoul. He cut his teeth working in the editorial industry in Korea, and then moved into working on personal projects for the preservation of culture all around Asia. His work has been seen in global publications, as well as featured by Nikon Asia. His desire to connect with and document the cultures of Asia led him to self fund a 128 page book about the lives of the Lai Tu Chin people of Myanmar. The successful completion of this project has only fueled his desire to do more work on the peoples of the region.

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