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Get in the Loop – How to make great music images

· 2.December.2015

Flemming Bo Jensen, Danish Fujifilm X-Photographer, has just released his E-Book “Get in the Loop – How to make great music images”. In the book Flemming reveals all his secrets, techniques, tips, but also his personal thoughts on making the best possible concert photographs.

Flemming Bo Jensen

Flemming Bo Jensen


Tomash: What is the main photographic difficulty when it comes to concert photography? What is the most difficult part of it?

Flemming: Making really good pictures is always the biggest challenge in any form of photography. It can be a challenge at time to keep focused on making good images in the midst of the chaos of music, lights, smoke and many people. And shooting electronic music events is also like shooting in a studio where the lights change several times per second. The most important part is channel your love of music into your images, this is the focus of my ebook.

Tomash: Which camera/lens combination do you use most often when photographing concerts and shows?

Flemming: For me, the Fujifilm X-T1 camera with Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4 and Fujinon XF 16mm F1.4 lenses are the perfect kit. I have a detailed What is in my Bag section in my ebook where I list all my gear.

Tomash: Could you share with us the settings of this particular shot?


Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 lens, 1/45 at F2.8, ISO 6400


Flemming: This image was made in the amazing Zouk Singapore nightclub in Singapore using my Fujifilm X-T1 camera and a pre-release version of the Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 lens. I was shooting promotional pictures for the lens for Fujifilm Japan.

Tomash: Concert situations are usually pretty dark. How high do you usually pump up your ISO – till what ISO value do you feel comfortable when shooting with the Fuji cameras?

Flemming: I shoot and deliver images to clients where every single image is shot at ISO 6400 – I have no problem at all with that and neither does the clients. I am perfectly comfortable using ISO 6400 for every shot, the low noise of the Fujifilm sensors ensures the results are still outstanding and can be printed too. I have a lot more camera tips in my ebook.

Tomash: What are the two main reasons you use Fuji system for your concert photography work?

Flemming: I have used every Fujifilm X camera since the first X100 for music photography, and I would still happily use anyone of them. They are perfect cameras for music photography. First, the abilitity to shoot in pitch black conditions! ISO 6400 coupled with the fantastic aperture 1.4 and 1.2 Fujinon primes means the Fujifilm X cameras can literally see in the dark. Secondly, I like that the cameras are small and light weight so they never get in my or anyone else’s way and I can use them for very long events and never tire of carrying them.


GET IN THE LOOP – How To Make Great Music Images

Do you love music and want to make great better pictures? This ebook is for you!

GET_IN_THE_LOOP_cover_art_1200 Get_In_The_Loop_12_pages_excerpt


There are 220 pages discussing:

  • How to get started :: How to get in the loop! How to create your portfolio, get known, get paid.
  • Preparations :: How to prepare, client meetings, prepping gear, venue, light, stage, sound checks, being in the pit.
  • Camera tips :: Everything from ISO, lenses, exposure, metering, aperture, shutter speed, to not chimping on stage.
  • Processing and delivering :: Covers processing, software, filtering and a step by step run-through of my workflow.
  • The guts of shooting :: The most important part – make awesome pictures! Covers style, storytelling, light, action, audience.
  • 46 of Flemming’s images :: Behind the scenes of 46 images with full analysis and technical details.
  • Contracts :: There is a lot of debate about contracts. I tell you what I think, and what I do.
  • Post Processing :: How I post process his images, with several step by step examples.
  • In my bag :: Most important thing – earplugs! Oh yeah, the camera+lenses. I run through my entire kit for a gig.

Who is Flemming Bo Jensen?

I only come out at night! I am a professional music photographer and official Fujifilm ambassador from Denmark. Music, especially electronic music, is a big part of what makes my heart beat, and being able to combine music and photography is a dream come true. Clients include Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Studios Copenhagen, Strøm Festival, Trailerpark Festival and Ohoi!.


This is my first ebook and also my last. That is how I approached the writing of this ebook, to hold nothing back and share everything I know about music photography.

It was 6 months of work, through countless drafts, while living in 6 different countries. I started this project around Mid May 2015, back when we were living in Australia. I even posted images on Instagram and Facebook announcing my ebook saying it was coming “soon”.It went from a loose idea to a huge project fast and here on November 30, 28 weeks after the “coming soon”, it is finally released!


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