Exclusive FujiLove offer on Damien Lovegrove’s new eBooks

· 17.September.2016

Finally there! Two epic eBooks by Damien Lovegrove, Official Fujifilm X-Photographer, and the master of all things portraiture are now available. And the good news is that Damien decided to offer the FujiLove community a special 15% discount on both of his new publications. And if you are subscribed to the FujiLove Magazine – you will get even 20% discount!

I have been following Damien on his book-writing journey for months. I remember when we were running the carnival workshop together in Venice in February – he was showing me the first drafts and layout ideas. It was already looking great! But today?!! There is only one thing I want to say: WOW!

Damien prepared two top-notch quality eBooks, packed with the most valuable, clear and instantly applicable techniques and tips. He is a great photography teacher and it is really so nice to see how generous he decided to be when it comes to sharing all his knowledge in these two excellent eBooks.

In the first ebook, “The Fujifilm X System Guide for Portrait Photographers”, Damien goes in-depth specifically into the Fujifilm X system camera settings, which will allow you creating the best possible quality portraits. The second ebook, simply called “Portraits”, is a real portrait photographer’s bible – Damien is basically sharing all he knows about portraiture and the great thing about it for us, Fujifilm X users, is the fact that ALL the images in this book have been shot on Fujifilm X Series cameras!

Have a look at what Damien has to say about his eBooks himself:


Fujifilm UK X-Ambassador, Damien Lovegrove, gives an in-depth explanation of the Fujifilm X system. This e-book is packed with information and gives a complete overview of the camera system – including technical settings, how to use them and the vast possibilities it provides.

  • 92 richly illustrated pages
  • Details of the cameras and lenses that are currently available 
  • Explanations about the camera settings that Damien uses
  • The benefits of individual cameras and lenses
  • Recommendations for ideal lens sets
  • High res photographs with all the exposure and lighting details used to create them
  • Two resolutions of output (high or standard definition) to suit your broadband speed and device capacity. (Choose after making your purchase)





“Everything I know about portrait photography is in this book. I hope it helps you to achieve a lifetime of enjoyment from your photography.”

In this no-holds-barred e-book, I deconstruct my complete portrait making process. From the planning stages and capture, through to delivery and archive – it’s all here. I reveal my secrets of creative success and the proven techniques I employ to capture fabulous portraits anywhere, at any time.

  • 356 richly illustrated pages
  • 384 high res photographs with all the exposure and lighting details used to create them
  • Over 50,000 words of creative vision that took me over two years to write
  • Everything you need to know in one place
  • An expert design with a layout that delivers the best reader experience for you
  • Two resolutions of output (high or standard definition) to suit your broadband speed and device capacity. (Choose after making your purchase)
  • A print edition may become available in 2017. If you purchase the e-book, the amount you pay will be credited against the printed version




FUJILOVE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBERS – 20% OFF: You are entitled to 20% DISCOUNT on both eBooks. Log into the Subscriber Area or into your Gumroad Library and you will find the necessary information in the “Current Discounts” section.

NON-SUBSCRIBERS – 15% OFF: You can benefit from the 15% DISCOUNT on each of the ebooks separately or (if you decide to go with this option) on the entire “Portraits Package” consisting of two eBooks. Follow this link to visit Damien’s online bookstore and enter the coupon code ‘volterra’ upon checkout.

I couldn’t thank Damien enough for offering us this generous discount. Make sure you take advantage of this offer, as when it comes to portrait photography with the Fujifilm X system… it just doesn’t get any better!


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