Fujifilm launches X-Pro2 Graphite Edition and X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition

· 5.January.2017

Fujifilm has just announced that it will be adding a graphite color model of the X-Pro2 and a graphite silver version of the X-T2.

X-Pro2 Graphite Edition

“This release of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 Graphite Edition maintains the features of the X-Pro2 as is, adopting an extremely high-grade graphite color created through a multilayer coating process for the exterior of the camera body. By increasing the amount of black pigment component of the top coating compared to the graphite silver of the current model, the camera achieves a more rich metallic texture to match the X-Pro2, a camera optimal for snapshots. Also, the camera is sold together with the Fujinon XF23mm F2 R WR lens and LH-XF35-2 lens hood in the same graphite color as the body. Combining these together further increases the unity of the appearance and luxurious feeling of the camera, bringing users a mirrorless digital camera they will be proud to own.” (Fujifilm Press Release, 5.01.2017)

According to Fujifilm the X-Pro2 Graphite Edition should be available in the end of January.

X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition

X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition

The X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition comes supplied with tailor-made accessories including a premium leather strap, aluminum hot shoe cover and matching EF-X8 hot-shoe mount flash. The X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition is treated with a multi-layer coating that is triple baked to produce an elegant and tactile finish. The first layer is a matte black undercoat, applied to the magnesium top cover. This undercoat delivers deeper blacks in shadow areas to make highlights stand out. The second layer uses Thin-film Multilayer Coating Technology**, to apply graphite silver for an incredibly smooth finish with a luxurious shine. The third layer is a clear varnish for a glossy finish. (Fujifilm Press Release, 5.01.2017)


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