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A Comedy of Errors: My Experience with the Fujifilm X-S20

· 12.November.2023

I was very excited to try the relatively new Fujifilm X-S20. I didn’t think much of the camera prior to its launch; rumours were one thing but the actual launch quickly changed my mind. What impressed me the most was the ease of use this camera would offer for video recording. Less work for me, a faster setup and it would be idiot-proof, supposedly…well, two out of three ain’t bad!

I was given a loaner copy of the camera along with two lenses. The first was the tried-and-true XF16-80mmF4 lens. The other was the XF18-120mmF4, which I was really impressed by, but that’s another story.

When the package arrived via FedEx, I tore through the cardboard. Instruction manual? Don’t need it. The first thing that I did was mount my 18-55mm lens, pop it on my webcam mount near my computer and plug it in. I started a Zoom call.


Swapped out the battery.

Nothing… It didn’t make sense to me. I used my X-T4 as a webcam all the time. The software I installed to make the X-T4 a web cam was, by now, second nature to me. I checked to see if the video feed was FUJIFILM WEBCAM 2 just like I always used. It was selected. It should have been working.

by Marc Sadowski

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