2017 FujiLove LIVE in New York

· 17.February.2017

Exactly in eight days, at 9:00 am on Saturday, February 25th, the first ever FujiLove LIVE event will begin in New York City. A strong team of four official Fujifilm X-Photographers – Karen Hutton, Valerie Jardin, Elia Locardi and Damien Lovegrove – will deliver a series of presentations and mini-workshops, and share their Fujifilm X knowledge with our audience in wonderful Bathhouse Studios located in East Village, NYC. And it is not too late if you decide to join us for this amazing event!

Before I started inviting photographers for FujiLove LIVE, I wanted to make sure that our guests will stem from various areas and specialties of photographic craft. After several weeks of brainstorming, I decided on the following line-up:

  • Valerie Jardin – one of the most renowned street photographers
  • Elia Locardi – master of landscape and travel photography
  • Damien Lovegrove – acclaimed portrait photographer
  • Karen Hutton – travel photographer, focused on inspiration, motivation and developing personal voice in your photography

I couldn’t be more happy with who will be presenting, educating, and sharing their work during this upcoming event.

FujiLove LIVE guests: Damien Lovegrove / Karen Hutton / Elia Locardi / Valerie Jardin

All four guests are official Fujifilm X-Photographers. That’s why we will be able to learn some extremely useful, precisely Fujifilm X – related tips and techniques during their presentations. They will be telling us how they create their excellent photographs using Fujifilm X Series cameras.

FujiLove LIVE will take place in Bathhouse Studios – a place that breathes photographic history and tradition. Originally a public bathhouse, closed in 1958, the building was used as a garage and warehouse until 1995 when Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams and his wife Alyssa Adams bought and converted it into a high-end studio for Eddie’s studio work for Parade Magazine. Eddie Adams passed away in 2004.

We have some wonderful partners helping us and making sure that FujiLove LIVE will be an unforgettable experience:

Fujifilm North America Corporation will be there with their Fujifilm X Series Digital Camera Service and Support Team and you will have a chance to have your own camera checked and cleaned by their technicians!

We also receive some generous support from our friends at FotoCare – they sponsor the final reception of the event.



9.00-10.45 Damien Lovegrove – “Advanced Lighting and Composition in Portraiture”

11.00-12.45 Valerie Jardin – “Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond”

15.00-16.45 Elia Locardi – “Pushing the boundaries of travel photography and post-processing”

17.00-18.45 Karen Hutton – “Inside-Out: Ignite Your Creative Fire and Shift Everything”


9.00-10.45 Elia Locardi – “The Art of Aerial Drone Photography and Videography”

11.00-12.45 Valerie Jardin and Karen Hutton – “Visual Storytelling”

15.00-16.45 Damien Lovegrove – “Practical Demonstration of Hollywood Glamour Portraits”

17.30-19.00 PANEL DISCUSSION (Tomash, Valerie, Karen, Damien, Elia)

19.00-21.00 Aperitif with all the photographers and guests

If you are enjoying and learning (as we always do!) your Fujifilm X camera(s) and if you can join us on February 25-26 in New York, make sure you do. It will be a wonderful weekend, real Fujifilm X Series extravaganza. You will meet a crowd of like-minded Fujifilm X enthusiasts and enjoy some highly inspiring presentations from top Fujifilm shooters.

Follow this link to LEARN MORE AND BOOK YOUR SPOT: fujilove.com/LIVE.

Don’t miss this opportunity! If you are enjoying FujiLove – you will love this event.

See you in New York!