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Settings for Portraits in Natural Light with the Fujifilm X Series

· 18.January.2018

Portraits can be made with any equipment you choose. Any camera and lens will do. Each combination will result in different results. In terms of working with the Fujifilm X Series cameras, there are a few things we need to be aware of when it comes to the sensors and lenses. Let’s take a look at some overall concerns in portraiture and how they apply to the X Series cameras.

This guide will run you through how I like to set up my Fujifilm X cameras for a portrait shoot. These settings are merely a guide and should not be taken as rules but as a starting point for finding your own prefered settings and methods. The goal in all forms of photography should be to set your camera up so that it gets out of the way and allows you to work with the world in front of you. This is especially true in a portrait setting as you have another human(s) in front of you that requires your attention more than the black box between you.

X-T1, XF 56mm f/1.2, ISO400, 1/100, f/2, Panorama shot on tripod

Lens Choice

Lenses are extremely important. They allow us to choose our field of view, the relationship between elements in a photograph, our depth of field, and how flatteringly our subjects are rendered. Thankfully, we are fairly spoiled on the X series cameras with a fantastic selection of lenses. There aren’t really any bad options in the XF lineup.

If you’re just starting out, I might suggest starting with something like the 35mm f/1.4. It’s a great standard lens that offers a fast aperture. This will give you complete control over depth of field and offer a flattering rendering of the face at all distances. It’s a great jack-of-all-trades lens.

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