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Review: Rebecca Lily Pro Set III

· 3.July.2016

For the last couple of weeks I had a chance of working on some of my images using the Rebecca Lilly Pro Set III – a collection of 81 color grading Lightroom presets and 44 editing tools. Those of you interested in automating your post processing workflow may want to have a look at some of the results.

Most of us, at least at some point on our photographic journey, are searching for our own “personal look”. We want our images to stand out, be recognisable, be different. There are definitely various ways, in which we can try achieving it. The strongest differentiating factor will always remain the same: the way we see the world and compose our images. It is a prerequisite for any given photograph to be considered an interesting image: unique, or at least – very strong, “proper” composition.

When it comes to color grading our photographs, there are several different options as well. We can choose simulation mode we like directly in our camera, we can set our camera to shoot in black and white, or – we can shoot RAW and apply our color ideas in the post processing phase. One of the quickest and most convenient ways to do it, is to apply ready, predefined presets to our images.

Rebecca Lily is a fine art photographer based in Midcoast Maine, USA, and she is regularly developing new sets of Lightroom/Photoshop presets. Her presets are very popular, used by thousands of photographers all around the globe. “In her quest for digital post processing tools that would streamline her workflow and produce the color tones and light enhancement she had come to appreciate in her film photography, Rebecca developed more than 300 presets for Lightroom and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) that are among the highest quality available” – says Rebecca’s bio on her own website.

Rebecca was kind to provide me with one of her preset collections – the Pro Set III, to try it out.

I went on an experiment and decided to work on the images from a recent wedding I shot, exclusively with the Pro Set III presets. My clients would have freaked out knowing that I was going to experiment on them. After the fact – and you can already take it as a conclusion of this review – they were extremely pleased with the images I delivered.

X-Pro2 + XF23mm f/1.4. Pro Set III: Bright Color / Ireland I

X-Pro2 + XF23mm f/1.4. Pro Set III: Bright Color / Ireland I

The Pro Set III consists of 5 preset categories: Black & White, Bright Color, Deep Color, Mid Color and Pastel. In each of these categories you will find a few presets (between 2 -7 depending on the category) and each of those presets exists in three variations (base version + versions II and III, which strengthen any given effect).

X-Pro2 + XF56mm f/1.2. Pro Set III: Mid Color - Filmic III

X-Pro2 + XF56mm f/1.2. Pro Set III: Mid Color / Filmic III

Depending on the particular photograph you are working on, and of course on your own taste and vision, you will definitely find a preset, which will serve you as a base. After applying the preset to your image with one click, you can consequently continue tweaking it using both the set of 44 tools available in the Pro Set III and Lightroom’s native tools in the Develop Module.

X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2. Pro Set III: Black & White / Audrey I

X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2. Pro Set III: Black & White / Audrey I

Some of the Tools available in the Pro Set III are: Clarity, Grain, Sharpening, Tone, Vignetting, Highlight Save etc.


X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2

I was more than pleased with results I was achieving with the presets. If you are after a filmic, analogue look in your photographs, you shouldn’t be disappointed. After applying some of the Pro Set III presets, my images gained more of a timeless and elegant character. Wedding photographers should definitely have a look at this set. I can also very well imagine experimenting with the Pro Set III on street photographs, which very often also benefit from some “analogue treatment”.


I highly recommend the Rebecca Lily Pro Set III collection of presets. If you are on a search for a collection of Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw presets, make sure you give this set a go. This collection will work with Lightroom 4/5/6/CC and with Adobe Camera Raw 7/8/9. Make sure you have a look at Rebecca’s website and examine all available sample images not only of the Pro Set III but also of all the other preset collections.

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