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Is It Better To Have A Lot Of Equipment?

· 20.May.2020

I’m always looking for the right combination of camera body and lenses. The continuous research led me to using different Fujifilm bodies: X-Pro1, X-T10 and X-T2. Discover the right lenses for my photographic equipment, for my way of shooting, to focus only on the composition and on the subjects and not to think about anything else. So, this naturalness to think only on what I’m observing through my viewfinder I got into the Fuji f/2 range.

I love the Fuji world, and I love their lenses. I think there is no perfect lens but there is the perfect lens for you.

When I travel or I’m out, I prefer to stay light, and don’t hesitate about carrying my Fuji body in a small backpack. Together with the XF23mm f/2, XF35mm f/2 and the XF50mm f/2 it fits in just perfectly.

X-T2 + XF35mm f/2 (f/5, 1/640 sec., ISO 400)

In August 2019 I went on a trip around Morocco, an incredible country, where chaos reigns and in the evening the squares fill up with people who entertain tourists with all possible types of games. On these occasions I used the XF35mm f/2 a lot because it allowed me to keep the right distance from the scene.

This is the lens that I prefer because of its dynamic range and its “crazy” colors. I don’t mean that the 1.4 version is less beautiful, but the f/2 is smaller and more practical, and it is also weather resistant. And the feeling is unmatched. These lenses have completely changed my approach to photography, it is amazing how highly sharp and small they are even in low light conditions, as in this case where I had to push the ISO a lot.

X-T2 + XF35mm f/2 (f2.2, 1/125 sec., ISO 4000)

X-T2 + XF35mm f/2 (f/2.8, 1/125 sec., ISO 6400)

But I am absolutely in love with the XF23mm f/2 (35mm equivalent) – it is a focal length that allows me to do everything I want.

I always forget to change it! I can do street, landscape and a portraiture with it. I love street photography, the unpredictability of a moment and the possibility of making an ordinary moment instantaneous. But this lens also allowed me to experiment with different types of landscapes, from the natural one to the urban, and even a bit of astrophotography.

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (1/400 sec., f/8, ISO 400)

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (1/250 sec., f/11, ISO 200)

X-t2 + XF23mm f/2 (30 sec., f/4, ISO 1000)

Minimalism is a different approach, surrounding us exclusively with what we really need and freeing up from the rest. Free to have less but aware of having more. This is my approach.

It is amazing how these lenses can combine sharpness, portability and brightness!

I love shooting in the evening when natural light goes away and I can play with the artificial lights and shadows of people, and the f/2 range is bright enough to allow me to do it.

The lenses of the f/2 range are extremely small and silent, the perfect combination for street photography. Also, when using the CH mode I can afford to shoot at 14 FPS for 28 RAW and 42 JPEG.

X-T2, 1/60 sec., f/3, ISO 800

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (f/7, 1/250 sec., ISO 200)

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (f2.8, 1/125 sec., ISO 3200)

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (f/8, 1/4 sec., ISO 1600)

I strongly believe in photographic language, but everyone has to find their own way to express themselves. Using a Fujifilm performing body combined with small, silent and superb quality lenses allows me to do everything, even to be able to shoot inside a museum and go completely unnoticed!

X-T2 + XF23mm f/2 (f/4, 1/125 sec., ISO 1250, electronic shutter)

So, going back to the initial title, is it better to have a lot of equipment? For me… absolutely not. I love travelling and I love to photograph, and I want to do it in the most congenial way. The best solution for me is to have lightness without sacrificing quality.