Gotham Unicorn

· 21.July.2016

Darth Vader, Wonderwoman, Batman or Judge Dredd – these are the most familiar characters you will meet at the MCM Comic Con, an international convention held in different countries all over the world – showcasing primarily comic books, science fiction/fantasy related film, television and elements of pop culture.

Happily, this year the convention took place in my hometown Hannover, Germany, so I decided quite spontaneously to create a series of individual portraits of the disguised and masked visitors. I used the Fujifilm X-T1 and the Fujinon XF 35mm F1,4 R lens for my work; a perfect combination, which I choose for nearly all of my portrait work. To me the focal length of 35mm (50mm relative to 35 mm film format) is perfect for portraits because I need to stand close to the person to get a format filling image of the face.


While taking pictures at the Comic Con the people started to attitudinize, to represent their avatar, to make a strong and self-assured impression in the photos. These are the photos  I don’t want. I do not want to show up their costumes or the fictional character they represent; rather the person behind the mask itself. Intimate and straight. I always interested in the vulnerability and intimacy of the people I photograph.


The title „Gotham Unicorn“ which I gave to my final series represents two worlds, two sides, which collide on the Comic Con. On the one hand the Darkness of Gotham City (the sinister and violent metropolis of the Batman stories) on the other hand the lightheartedness of japanese comics with their popular figur of the unicorn.




You will find the complete series as well as my recent work on: www.martinrohrmann.com