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· 22.September.2018

Earlier this week marked the official launch date of the X-T3 (20th of September). Feel free to now rush to the shops to either pick up your pre-order or simply drop in and pick one up. If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on one – make you share some images into the FujiLove Facebook Group

Not read the X-T3 Review by Jens Kauer yet? Check it out here.

FujiLove Weekly News Digest is brought to you by Exposure X4 from Alien Skin Software, the advanced RAW photo editor that provides unmatched creative tools and Fujifilm RAF processing. Exposure is FujiLove’s photo editor of choice.

Rotolight – HSS trigger

Back in September 2017, Rotolight announced that in 2018 they would be bringing a dedicated Fujifilm trigger to the market.

Simon Whittle, CEO of Elinchrom said: “Our ambition is for Skyport to become an industry standard technology, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary trigger systems that prevents photographers from working with their lights of choice. We are extremely excited to be working with Rotolight, a disruptive innovator in the lighting industry with a unique set of industry first features. This collaboration between both companies will provide creative imagemakers with a state of the art solution that is uniquely versatile, whilst also being rock solid and consistent”.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of a High Speed Sync (HSS) transmitter optimized for Fujifilm camera systems, in collaboration with Elinchrom. A reliable and flexible way to control multiple off-camera lighting setups, the new HSS transmitter is one of the first available for Fujifilm systems.

Our pioneering LEDs offer the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, creating a natural synergy between Fujifilm’s mirrorless X Series that will streamline photographers’ workflows and optimize creative time on shoots. Also offering the added power of HSS flash with zero recycle time, Rotolight delivers an all-in-one solution for photographers on the go”.

The Rotolight press release says: Filmmakers will also benefit from the partnership by being able to remotely control Rotolight’s CineSFXTM; an industry-first suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects such as lightning, fire, gunshot, and paparazzi, providing a versatile creative toolset for filmmakers and cinematographers.

“We’ve seen a lot of demand from Fujifilm shooters eagerly awaiting the compatible HSS transmitter so that they can unlock the full potential of the Rotolight range, and we are delighted to now welcome them to the family,” says Rotolight managing director, Rod Aaron Gammons.

Compatible with all other Elinchrom Skyport devices, transmitters are already available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic camera systems. The Rotolight HSS transmitter for Fujifilm is available now for £229 inc./ €213.99 ex./ $249.95 ex.

Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware

Fujifilm has dropped the first set of updates for the X-T3. This update was to help with:

  • Compensation of distortion is optimized in CH shooting with electronic shutter.
  • The phenomenon is fixed that the mechanical LOCK of some SD cards is not recognized.
  • Fix of other slight defects

You can find the updated firmware on the Fujifilm download page.

We are still waiting for Adobe to provide a date for the matching updates for the X-T3 RAW files to work with the Creative Cloud. We shall be sure to make a note when it’s live. At the moment Silky Pix is the goto converter for the Fujifilm RAF files.

Exposure X4

Our good friends over at Alien Skin Software have launched the latest version of the Exposure line of their editing program –  X4. There is a free upgrade for recent purchasers of X3 – since July 1st. Other Exposure owners can upgrade for $99. There are lots of interesting new tools to play with and some of the key tools that I am used to using on other platforms are now available in X4. I am particularly looking forward to testing out the Transform Tools and the monitored folders.

RAW Processing Enhancements: Improved shadow and highlight recovery enables you to extract the maximum amount of detail from your RAW images, and faster photo processing times speed up your editing.

Fully Adjustable Light Effects: Exposure’s high-quality light effects are now fully adjustable, so you can rotate and place them anywhere in your image, enabling a whole new level of creative possibilities.

Transform Tools: Exposure’s new transform tools enable you to easily correct tilted or skewed perspective, such as keystoning of buildings.

Smart Collections: Exposure now helps you organize your photo library by automatically populating collections based on camera data and metadata criteria that you apply. Shutter speed, keywords, ratings, and color labels are just some of the metadata that Exposure queries to build a smart collection. It’s a great way to speed up your photo library organization, helping you quickly find specific images in your collection.

Monitored Folders for Tethered Shooting: You can now edit, cull, and share your images in Exposure with a client or subject during a shoot thanks to Exposure’s new monitored folders that support tethered shooting. You can even have Exposure automatically apply one or more of its gorgeous presets to your images immediately after you take them.

Speed Enhancements: Image rendering is now up to 30% faster, file exporting is now up to 60% faster, and launch times have been reduced by a third, thanks to improvements in Exposure’s rendering engine.

Additional Features

  • Support for new cameras and lenses
  • Print presets for easy printing straight from Exposure
  • Lightroom migration tool helps you move your workflow from Lightroom to Exposure
  • Expanded workflow options that improve image copying and exporting

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