FujiLove Podcast – Welcome Marc Sadowski!

· 3.November.2019

New episode of the FujiLove Podcast is now online! Starting today the FujiLove show has a new host – Marc Sadowski, Fujifilm shooter and a wedding photographer from New Hampshire in the US. Let’s give Marc a very warm welcome!

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Before we jump into today’s episode, I would like to sincerely thank our previous podcast host, Jens Krauer, for the excellent job he did with a series of his interviews. Make sure you dive into the archives and browse through all available Jens’ episodes with Fujifilm photographers, as there some really excellent conversations to enjoy.

By listening to today’s “transitional” episode of the show, you will get know our new host – Marc Sadowski. Marc is sharing his personal and photographic story, touching on his way to discovering the Fujifilm system, and also talking about his current Fujifilm camera and lens setup.

We hope very much you will enjoy today’s show and also: all the best luck with the show, Marc! It’s great to have you with us.