FujiLove Podcast – Episode 29

· 6.July.2018

We have a special episode of the FujiLove Podcast for you today. On today’s show Jens Krauer is talking to Tomash, the founder and CEO of FujiLove, and editor-in-chief of the FujiLove Magazine.

Do you want to know more about the FujiLove story? How did it start? What were the biggest challenges and the most surprising moments on the FujiLove journey? How did Tomash get the idea of launching the FujiLove Magazine? Listen to today’s episode and you will know a lot more!

Today’s episode is brought to you by FujiLove Magazine and Alien Skin Software.

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EPISODE LINKS: PHOLABORATE is the new project Tomash is currently working on. Make sure you find out more about it at pholaborate.com


Since March 2015 FUJILOVE has been continually growing as the number one website and magazine for users of the Fujifilm X Series cameras. Today, several thousands of photographers from around the globe log in to FujiLove on a daily basis.

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