FujiLove Podcast – Episode 1

· 3.November.2015

FujiLove Podcast has arrived! We are very happy to announce that the first episode of the show is now available in iTunes and ready for you to subscribe.

Together with a good Fuji friend of mine, Dutch photographer Freek Dirkx we will be talking about all things Fuji and photography every second week. Following episodes of FujiLove Podcast will be available every second Sunday.



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We will be having some very interesting guests on the show as well. You can be already looking forward to the second episode. We won’t reveal too much now, though 🙂

My podcast friend, Freek Dirkx is a Dutch photographer, living (like myself) in Lucerne, Switzerland – one of the most beautiful cities of the world. He is a husband and father of 2 girls.  He loves everything about photography and calls it “pure magic”. “For me, photography is the most important by-case in the world” – says Freek. Please give him a warm welcome!

Freek Dirkx

Freek Dirkx – co-host of the FujiLove Podcast


Subscribe to the FujiLove podcast now, listen to the first episode and if you like it, please (!) leave a 5 stars review in the iTunes Store – it will help us with the rankings!

Leave a comment below this post or on our Facebook page – let us know what you think, what would you like us to talk about on the next episodes, who would you like us to have as a guest on the show and… make sure you participate in the photo assignment announced towards the end of the first episode. Enjoy!


(Or use this RSS Feed to subscribe to the podcast in your favourite Podcast player).

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